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SMART Project Management [Infographic]

Project management is what turns ideas into finished products. It also provides a way of analyzing your process and finding out what works and what doesn’t. SMART Project Management is broken down into 10 steps spread out over 5 phases. Substantiation Phase The substantiation phase involves investigating the central concepts of the idea and develops […]

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Value of Program Management [Video]

Frank Payne prevents and inspirational and informative lecture in a series of videos on the virtues of project management and why you need to have a project management office in your organization In this five-part video series, Payne details the five essential elements you need to know about project management offices and why they are […]

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7 Traits of Successful Project Managers

A project manager’s job is to take a project from planning through completion. Project managers work in a number of fields, from construction to information technology. The project manager must have a number of skills to get the task completed successfully, on time and within budget. 1. Foresight A successful project manager must be able […]

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Project Management Training [Infographic]

Project managers are a mission-critical part of any business organization. In order to keep projects moving rapidly all the way from idea stage to product stage, project managers need to keep their knowledge up to date and their skills sharp. To learn how project manager training can benefit your business, discover how other businesses are […]

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Risk Management [Video]

Rita Mulcahy, an expert on advanced project management, on the PMP Exam and on risk management techniques, shares her views on how to approach risk management. To understand risk management, it is important that terminology and definitions be understood. Project management – The discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve […]

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6 Attributes of Bad Project Managers

A bad project manager is a nightmare. He or she is someone who prevents work from getting done, who creates an atmosphere of fear and anger and who hogs all the glory on top of it. You might think that these descriptions have nothing to do with you, but the truth is that being a […]

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6 Ways to Increase Collaboration on Project Teams

If you are someone who is running some projects this year, you might be tearing your hair out when you are thinking about how you can make people cooperate. Cooperation and collaboration are both key when it comes to making a project a real success, and you need to make sure that you are getting […]

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5 Steps to Avoid Groupthink on Your Team

Groupthink is a major obstacle in many project teams. You do not want everyone on the team to start thinking alike. Groupthink hinders a team’s ability to discuss new information, make project adjustments, and reach effective solutions. Group members try to agree with each other to keep team dynamics friendly or to impress the boss […]

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After the Assessment – 3 Steps to Take a Project from Concept to Completion

Project managers and project teams are often faced with delivering a product within a timeline and with a certain amount of funding. The time to complete a project may be the deciding factor with many of the team’s decisions. The budget of the owner may determine what is worked on and how much attention can […]

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5 Ways to Control Changes in a Project

As a professional project manager, your aim is to ensure the successful completion of any of your projects. Part of this achievement involves keeping a close eye on the project schedule and finances, which translate to controlling change requests. If a project’s scope begins to substantially diverge from its original requirements and plan, then the […]

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