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Value of Program Management [Video]

Frank Payne prevents and inspirational and informative lecture in a series of videos on the virtues of project management and why you need to have a project management office in your organization In this five-part video series, Payne details the five essential elements you need to know about project management offices and why they are […]

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4 Ways to Keep Project Documentation Secure

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that all of the team members assigned to the project are doing their part. As you know, the project that you have been assigned to manage is important to your company. If you fail to gather all the right data, assign tasks to different […]

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Agile Project Management – Video

Waterfall Methodology may have dominated fixed cost software development in the past, but Agile Methodology is the wave of the future. Instead of analyzing, designing, implementing, and testing an entire project at once-leading to a waterfall of client changes at the very end – Agile Methodology breaks the development process into micro projects. These micro […]

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5 Ways to Mentor from the PMO

The Project Management Office (PMO) performs several basic functions which set the stage for success. Not every project manager answers directly to your PMO, but the PMO still needs to provide a framework that guides each project toward a successful conclusion. Your PMO should be the center for information flow, and the place where integrated […]

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3 Ways to Promote the PMO in Your Company

The science of formal project management is fairly new, having been born in the 1950s from the need for greater structure in the construction and engineering industries. Since then, the discipline has gained traction to the point that most large corporations have established a project management office to focus on objectives that fall outside the […]

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Project Management Organization [Infographic]

Project management offices (PMO’s) use combinations of predictable and reusable tools, techniques and processes to implement successful projects for your organization. They help you complete your projects on time while keeping them on budget and in scope. PMO’s do this by gathering and reporting the statuses of every project they manage while standardizing the methods […]

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Building a Successful PMO – Video

Brian Hobbs served as the keynote speaker for the PMO Symposium 2010, and his speech went into great detail regarding the various aspects of project management that are often overlooked, including the many differences between leading groups of students versus those who have been in their fields for a number of years. He says that […]

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How to Make a Project Management Office (PMO) Program Work for Your Organization – Video

Former IT PMO program manager, Ron Rigores, shared his thoughts on the concept of getting a PMO to work successfully for an organization. This is based on how well it worked for the New York City Housing Authority NYCHA. The following take away points can be adopted by other project managers: 1. The importance of […]

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Agile vs Waterfall: Which is the Best Methodology for Software Projects?

There are people who prefer Agile and people who prefer Waterfall — and this is understandable, as there are completely different systems. Trying to decide which one is best will, by and large, depend upon the job at hand, but understanding how each one works is the first step toward making the decision. For many […]

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7 Reasons to Use Project Management Templates

The entire project management process is dedicated to the proposition that there is a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way to manage complicated, multi-departmental projects. One of the most significant advantages that this process offers is the template system. These templates are almost invariably tried and true frameworks for getting the job done, on time, […]

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