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7 Traits of Successful Project Managers

A project manager’s job is to take a project from planning through completion. Project managers work in a number of fields, from construction to information technology. The project manager must have a number of skills to get the task completed successfully, on time and within budget. 1. Foresight A successful project manager must be able […]

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Project Management Training [Infographic]

Project managers are a mission-critical part of any business organization. In order to keep projects moving rapidly all the way from idea stage to product stage, project managers need to keep their knowledge up to date and their skills sharp. To learn how project manager training can benefit your business, discover how other businesses are […]

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6 Attributes of Bad Project Managers

A bad project manager is a nightmare. He or she is someone who prevents work from getting done, who creates an atmosphere of fear and anger and who hogs all the glory on top of it. You might think that these descriptions have nothing to do with you, but the truth is that being a […]

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Work Breakdown Structure – Video

What looks like a simple organizational chart has become the most trusted project management tool used today. Known as a work breakdown structure, this chart helps project managers clearly outline the steps needed to achieve project success. In “Getting Started in Project Management – 4. Work Breakdown Structure,” project managers will learn the important benefits […]

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Closing the Project – PMP Certification

As every project manager knows, a project will also include a “Closing Phase” that is necessary to ensure that the project is officially completed, the project’s resource might be reassigned or released if is not needed for another project(s). Closing a project will also signify that no more funding may be apportioned to the project. […]

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Monitoring and Controlling the Project – PMP Certification

The course for the PMP certification is designed as a series of 5 performance domains. The first three are project initiation, planning and execution. They are followed by the fourth domain called “monitoring and controlling the project.” It is divided into 6 tasks which, together, make up 25% of the subject matter in the exam […]

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Executing the Project – PMP Certification

There is no doubt that projects will continue to grow in scope and complexity, that is why organizations utilize techniques and tools of project management in order to drive efficiencies and increase bottom line. It is also no secret that successful project managers are well known to any company’s top management and stand a better […]

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Planning the Project – PMP Certification

Planning the project is one of the five performance domains of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. It’s the second stage after initiating the project and counts for a full 24 per cent of the final assessment. Its purpose is to demonstrate that the candidate can effectively formulate and maintain a detailed scheme for actualizing […]

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Initiating the Project – PMP Certification

Any job application for the role of project manager will be fortified with the presence of a PMP certification. It has universal recognition and acceptance, and certifies that the holder is thoroughly knowledgeable of and actively involved in all the phases of managing a project. This certification is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) […]

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What Does It Take to Be a Project Manager? [Infographic]

What does it take to become a project manager? Scheduling software producer LiquidPlanner has compiled data about people currently working as project managers to show what characteristics this diverse group of individuals have in common. The first thing to notice about project managers is that more than three quarters of them are male; women make […]

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