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Agile Project Management – Video

Waterfall Methodology may have dominated fixed cost software development in the past, but Agile Methodology is the wave of the future. Instead of analyzing, designing, implementing, and testing an entire project at once-leading to a waterfall of client changes at the very end – Agile Methodology breaks the development process into micro projects. These micro […]

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Agile vs Waterfall: Which is the Best Methodology for Software Projects?

There are people who prefer Agile and people who prefer Waterfall — and this is understandable, as there are completely different systems. Trying to decide which one is best will, by and large, depend upon the job at hand, but understanding how each one works is the first step toward making the decision. For many […]

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Using Agile Project Management Methodologies in Any Project

Is it possible for Agile Project Management Methodologies to create a new ecosystem in the life cycle of Project Management? Agile Project Management (APM) has a proven track record of creating balance with advanced methods while remaining structured. Agile focuses on the customers needs, by communicating project expectations timely and directly with the customer. The […]

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