7 Reasons to Use Project Management Templates

The entire project management process is dedicated to the proposition that there is a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way to manage complicated, multi-departmental projects. One of the most significant advantages that this process offers is the template system. These templates are almost invariably tried and true frameworks for getting the job done, on time, on budget and without unnecessary aggravation.

In case you are not a project management template fan just yet, here are seven of the most significant reasons to use them:

1. Saves Time in Multiple Ways

Why reinvent the wheel every time you start a project? Eliminating the immense amount of time to develop even the simplest project management template will obviously save time. In addition, the use of standardized project management templates also addresses another important time-consuming issue; what should be included in the template. Avoid this unnecessary time wasting exercise by utilizing a standard template. It can always be customized if desired.

2. Reinforces the Process

Utilizing a template forces, albeit unwittingly, reinforces the need for a the process. After a short time, the use of a template becomes second nature and all of the parties involved become aware of the necessity for each piece of information to be delivered completely and on time.

3. Effective Communication Builds Team Work

Consolidating all work-product onto one platform encourages each department or team member to cooperate with the others. All issues are evident for everyone see and there is less finger-pointing if a problem does arise. Additionally, management can unobtrusively observe the process and only get involved when necessary. With effective communication and enhanced team solidarity, the amount of unnecessary stress and extra work that is eliminated is almost incalculable.

4. Ensures Planning

As they say, “measure twice, cut once.” There is little doubt that every department can plan for its own contingencies. The benefit of a project management template is that the template forces them to plan for the contingencies of all the other departments as well. With complete information, planning becomes a real tool and not just an exercise in futility. Lastly, a project management template is actually the culmination of experience garnered on previous projects. Instead of a blank piece of paper, it, and the information contained therein, can be used to more effectively plan for a new project.

5. Reduces Risk

Again, everyone can identify possible problems within their own sphere of responsibility. The real trick is to identify potential problems, before they happen, that are the result of two conflicting goals from two different departments. There are innumerable problems and liabilities associated with proceeding with incomplete information. A project management template serves as a repository of all relevant project data so that there are no miscommunications.

6. Secures and Archives Info

One never knows when data will be needed. Therefore, readily available but properly secured data is essential for the success of any project. Do not hamstring your team by limiting access to the information that they need. A project management template can easily and completely hold all relevant information.

7. Enhances Confidence of Customer

In the final analysis, customer satisfaction in the completed project is the goal. Whether the customer is located within your own company or on the outside, it is imperative to gain their confidence. A project management template will allow you to answer their questions about the progress of a project in a far more timely and confident manner.

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